Red Tailed Hawk - 1

Rigged - Lightwave and 3DS Max
Red Tailed Hawk -1
Red Tailed Hawk - Rigged for Lightwave and 3DS Max8

A fully rigged Lightwave 8.5 or 3DS Max8 object (with scene files).

Both : Fully rigged with morph targets for wing positions and a full set of phonemes for speaking.

Sample Movie
Sample Movie
Sample Movie

Fly loop scene
Landing scene
Take off scene

28,162, poly
Red Tailed Hawlk Rigged

Red Tailed Hawk - :
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This version is one is in LW (8.0 and up) $80.00

This version is one is in 3DS Max (8.5 and up) $80.00 Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods provided by CONTINUUM3D and Lopez-Fabrega Design.
LW=Lightwave 3D
3DS=Max's universal format
BR5=Bryce 5
C4D=Cinema 4D
DXF=Cad exchange format