PRR Engine and Tender

Static Model
PRR Engine and Tender
PRR 2-8-0 Steam Locomotive and Tender PRR 2-8-0 CLASS H1 STATIC VERSION

In the 1870's, the Pennsylvania began standardizing locomotives so that many parts were interchangeable between different classes of engines. The H1 was then known as class I and was created in 1875. The "Altoona" type boiler was one unusual feature of the Hl. Many H1 engines were built. Some were later changed to class B5 0-6-0 switchers by removing the rear drivers and bogie. The engines had 20" by 24" cylinders, 125 pounds boiler pressure, weighed 95,700 pounds, and could exert 20,400 pounds tractive force as either a Consolidation or switcher.

The model includes the engineer's and fireman's controls in the engine cab.
PRR Engine and TenderStatic

PRR Engine and Tender:
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