PRR Engine and Tender

Rigged for MAX
PRR Engine and Tender - Rigged wheels and pistons
PRR 2-8-0 Steam Locomotive and Tender PRR 2-8-0 CLASS H1 Rigged and Animated Version

PRR (Pennsylvania Rail Road) Engine and Tender Rigged and Animated update 3DS Max Version

This is an updated, Rigged and Animated version of the same Engine and Tender I have for sale as a 'static model'.

Animating the Wheels is simple:
1) Turn on “Auto Key”
2) Move the Time slider to the end of your scene
3) Select the Last of the 4 Engine Wheels (Main Drive Wheel).
4) Select “E” on the keyboard or the ‘Rotate’ button and rotate the wheels as much as you want. (the other wheels and pistons and driving rods all move based on the back wheels)
5) Play back the scene.

The maps have been updated, and the model remapped.

I have added a terrain model with straight track and a tunnel at each end.

1) Basic Scene

Polygons, MAX:
Engine, boiler and Tender: 423789 polys 290493 verts
Terrain: 2211 polys 1155 verts
Trestle: 12328 polys 23752 verts

Sample Anim 1 - Low Res
Sample Anim 2 - Low Res

The model includes the engineer's and fireman's controls in the engine cab.
PRR Engine and Tender

PRR Engine and Tender:
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This version is in 3DS MAX (8.5 and up) - $100.00 Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods provided by CONTINUUM3D and Lopez-Fabrega Design.
LW=Lightwave 3D
3DS=Max's universal format
BR5=Bryce 5
C4D=Cinema 4D
DXF=Cad exchange format