PRR Engine and Tender

Rigged for Lightwave
PRR Engine and Tender - Rigged wheels and pistons
PRR 2-8-0 Steam Locomotive and Tender PRR 2-8-0 CLASS H1 Rigged and Animated Version

PRR (Pennsylvania Rail Road) Engine and Tender, Rigged and Animated update Lightwave version 7.5-8.5 and 9.5, 10 and up

This is an updated, Rigged and Animated version of the same Engine and Tender I have for sale as a 'static model'.
Due to Newtek's updating the IK system in LW 9.5 that makes animation of the wheels MUCH easier, I have:

1) a version of the Rigged model that works from LW 7.5 to version 9.4.

I also found that the LW8.5 version worked somewhat in LW9.5 but was problematic, so if you have LW9.5 buy that version of the model please.

2) a version just for LW9.5 and up
3)(Versions have been absolutely tested in versions 7.5 8.5 and 9.5, 10)
4) The only caveat with version 10 is that the Hypervoxel smoke will not look the same as in the pictures (generated from the earlier versions), you will need to adjust it to your liking.
There are two "Rig Tester" zip files that you can download to test the rigging in your version of Lightwave before you buy:

"PISTON" should work fine in all versions from 7.5 to 9.4
"PISTON" should work in LW9.5 and will not even load in earlier versions.
Download and test on your version of Lightwave first.
The maps have been updated, and the model remapped.
I have added a terrain model with straight track and a tunnel at each end.

1) PRR (Pennsylvania Rail Road) Engine and Tender
2) Terrain object
3) Skydome
4) Animated scene with smoke and steam.
5) PDF explanation of how the wheels are rigged and what to do to animate them

Engine: 94813 polys | 104716 verts
Boiler: 54540 polys | 54901 verts
Tender: 100757 polys | 92885 verts
Terrain: 64143 polys | 88723 verts

Engine/Tender/boiler: 250110 polys | 246985 verts

Sample Anim - Low Res

The model includes the engineer's and fireman's controls in the engine cab.
PRR Engine and Tender

PRR Engine and Tender:
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This version is in LW (7.5to 9.3) - $100.00

This version is in LW  (9.4) and up. - $100.00 Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods provided by CONTINUUM3D and Lopez-Fabrega Design.
LW=Lightwave 3D
3DS=Max's universal format
BR5=Bryce 5
C4D=Cinema 4D
DXF=Cad exchange format