OMAHA 0-6-0

Static Model
OMAHA 0-6-0
Omaha 0-6-0 Engine and Tender


A typical cut for an 0-6-0 was about six can while an 0-8-0 might shove some 20 cars over a hump. Even when at work, the switcher was waiting more of the time than it was moving, so It needed only a small firebox, boiler and tank to do Its work. Usually driven were 51" In diameter, but other sizes were preferred by some roads. The sloping tank on many tenders, low tank on others, was to allow good vision to the rear.

Switching engines almost always had forward and rear sand boxes. Usually the rear box was dome-shaped like the front one, but sometimes it was hidden Inside the cab and betrayed only by sand pipes reaching down behind the rear driving wheels.

This engine and tender were first introduced in 1887.
OMAHA 0-6-0 Static

OMAHA 0-6-0:
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