PRR 2-8-0
PRR 2-8-0 - Pennsylvania Rail Road Engine and Tender Pak

Pennsylvania Rail Road Engine and Tender in a terrain with trestle and tunnels. Animated

Sample Animation - low res

Model Parts:
The model is broken into 20 pieces
10 for the engine
5 for the tender
3 Terrain
2 Track and Trestle

some of the pieces for the Engine and tender are bolts and rivet heads that can be used or not to save on memory useage.

The Wheels of the engine have 3 performance modes:
1 - from stop to speed
2 - continuous speed
3 - Speed to stop

Scene File (1)
A basic set up scene file

emitters are set up for Smoke stack and piston steam

AML Scripts

Skydome not included

PRR 2-8-0:
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This is for iClone 4.1 and up - $50.00

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