F15 A/C Pak

Sample Anim 1
Sample Anim 2

Adjust Horizontal Elevators to climb
Adjust Horizontal Eletors avators to dive
Adjust Horizontal Elevand rudder to turn left
Adjust Horizontal Elevators and rudder to turn right

A number of the elements are linked to the "Root" model so that you can move/remove as needed. These items include:

The Pilot
Both AIM 9L/M rockets
Both AIM 120 rockets
Each of the 4 GBU laser guided bombs

Model Parts:
Tail control surfaces
2 AIM 9L/M rockets
2 AIM 120 rockets
4 GBU Laser guided bombs
Pilot (static character)

Scene File (2)
A basic set up scene file
"Fox One" scene file.

emitters are set up for exhaust and for One AIM 9L/M rocket

AML Scripts for Tail control surfaces

Skydome included

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This is for iClone 4.1 and up - $60.00

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