Rigged for Lightwave 8 (and up)
or 3DSMAX 8 (and up)
Crow_One - Rigged for Lightwave

Sample Movie 1 (mov format)
Sample Movie 2 (mov format)
Sample Movie 3 (mov format)

• The body is rigged with bones and has 4 morph targets
• The wings have 31 morph targets
• The eyes have 2 morph targets each.
• The tail is boned with 2 morph targets to flare the feathers
• The mouth has 9 phenome morph targets

LIGHTWAVE: 3.8 mb download (rar Compression) - 79,581 polygons

Crow_One Rigged for 3DS Max, Built in Max version 8

The polygons are triangulated.

Sample Movie 1 (mov format)
Sample Movie 2 (mov format)
Sample Movie 3 (mov format)

49,640 Polys

The model has 5 visible control points:
Left Foot
Right Foot
Main Control - Large Circle around waist
Chest Control - Circle around chest
Head Control - circle around head
The toes are controlled by selecting the individual toe bones (visible but transparent)
The tail is controlled by the Tail bone (visible but transparent)
Shoulder Bones (visible but transparent) allow rotation of the wings even when morphed into target shapes.

The wings, the eyes, the tail spread and a full set of phenomes are controlled via a series (30) of morph targets

You get: 2 Max8 scenes:
1) a Fly Loop and
2) a Take Off scene.
And a
3) 'Character' model to open or merge into a new scene.

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This version is one is in LW (8.0 and up) - $125.00

This version is in 3DS Max 8.5 and up. - $125.00

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LW=Lightwave 3D
3DS=Max's universal format
BR5=Bryce 5
C4D=Cinema 4D
DXF=Cad exchange format