Area 51 DEM & F15

Area 51 - DEM - F-15
Area 51, F15 & DEM model
This model and scene combination is for Lightwave 8.5 and up only:

Fly your own Black Ops or alien craft right out of AREA 51.

This model has been created combining actual satellite imaging and Digital Elevation Models (DEM). So that the terrain you see here IS the terrain that is there.

The hi resolution image map has been painstakingly built from more than 130 images. And represents a square 110 miles on a side giving 1,110 Square miles with Area 51 at the center.

Sample Pano Movie

The F-15 AC EAGLE model is marked and painted as a member of the 366th Wing Group The 366th Wing is the Air Force's premier air expeditionary wing. Located at Mtn Home AFB IDAHO.

The Right and Left rudders are on separate layers and the Left and right Horizontal Stabilizers are also on their own layers, so that you can animate them to 'fly' your jet.

Also, the exhaust is morph tergeted so you can adjust the vector thrust nozzles.

Polys F-15: 74,294

Polys DEM: 72,5173

TOTAL POLYS: 799,467

Area 51 DEM & F15:
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