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  Skies InMotion™
The First 360 Degree Animated Skies -
Designed to map onto a sphere
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Welcome to

Continuum Skies and Models a 3D resource site.

Rigged and unrigged models for animation.

Static and Animated 360˚ Sky Panoramas.
These work with ANY 3D application on ANY Platform!

For free and for sale.-

If you use any of my models or image maps to create a really awesome image or animation...
submit it to me... I'll post it on the 'GALLERY" page
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Hi Clouds -1
Nor Easter
Nor Easter
with Attitude
  Nor Easter
with Bad Attitude

- - -   -
Nor Easter
with Teeth
Triton - A
Triton - B
Triton A2

- - -   -
Sky 1A
Sky 1A - Night
Sky 1A -
Day To Night
EOT2 Day Sky

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360 Degree skymap environments.
These skydomes are mapped onto a sphere Realism...
The clouds condense and evaporate as they move accross the sky. They move and flow realistically.
It does not matter what 3D program you have,
if it lets you map sequences or mov files these skies will work for you.

Animated Skies Samples
High Clouds-1 anim1   Triton B anim1
High Clouds-1 anim2   Triton B anim2
Nor' Easter anim1   Triton A2 anim1
Nor' Easter anim2   Triton A2 anim2
Nor' Easter w/Attitude anim1   Sky 1A anim1
Nor' Easter w/Attitude anim2   Sky 1A anim2
Nor' Easter w/BAD Attitude anim1   Sky 1A- Night anim1
Nor' Easter w/BAD Attitude anim2   Sky 1A- Night anim2
Nor' Easter w/Teeth anim1   Sky 1A- Day to Night anim1
Nor' Easter w/Teeth anim2   Sky 1A- Day to Night anim2
Triton A anim1   EOT Day Sky anim1
Triton A anim2   EOT Day Sky anim2

- -
360 degree, Animated sky sequences, for use with all 3D software
360 graad, Geanimeerde hemelopeenvolgingen, voor gebruik met al 3D software
360 degrés, ordres animés de ciel, pour l'usage avec tout le logiciel 3D
360 Grad, lebhafte Himmelreihenfolgen, für Gebrauch mit aller Software 3D
360 gradi, sequenze animate del cielo, per uso con tutto il software 3D
360 graus, seqüências animated do céu, para o uso com todo o software 3D
360 grados, secuencias animadas del cielo, para el uso con todo el software 3D
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