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Sky Dome Mapping
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Using Lightwave's
Texture Environment

1) Open 'Image Editor'
(illustration 1)

2) Load navigate to and open the Image Sequence

3) Click the dropdown menu and select 'Sequence'

In this window you can also set the start and end frames of the sequence and tell it to loop or hold on the last frame.

4) selct the 'Scene' tab

5) Select 'Backdrop'

6) Select 'Add Environment' from drop down menu and then select 'Texture'

The Texture Editor window will open

7) Select 'Sphereical' from the 'Projection' drop down, then in the 'Image' dropdown select the Sequence you loaded in Step 2.

Though you will not see anything in the Layout window, when you render a frame the sky will be there as if rendered onto a sphere.

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